Glenview Scottish Country Dancers

Dancing Scottish in Toronto since 1979

Membership Application

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 NAME(S) ______________________________ ____________________

 Contact details are required only for new members or if there has been a change in your information.

ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________

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Glenview Annual Fee:                       $15.00 per person

Non RSCDS members add:               $  3.00 per person for insurance purposes

TOTAL (cheque payable to Glenview Scottish Country Dancers) $ _____________

Occasionally photographs of dance activities are taken and these may be published on the RSCDS Toronto website and/or the Glenview website.

______ I give permission for my photograph to be published on the websites.

______ I do not give permission for my photograph to be published on the websites.

I understand that paid membership to Glenview Scottish Country Dancers carries full voting privileges at all general meetings, including the right to vote for election of officers.

I assume responsibility for any risks incurred by attending group classes or social functions. 

Neither Glenview Scottish Country Dancers nor Glenview Presbyterian Church will assume liability for any injury or loss.

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  DATE:     ____________________________           

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Sue Ann Bryce