Salute to Spring, May 17th 2023

Our Salute to Spring will take place on Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30 p.m. Fred Moyes will provide live music with refreshments to follow.

Click here for a PDF dance program. Underlined titles, both on this web page and on the document, contain links to videos. Programs are subject to change without prior notice.

CIAMAR A THA (How Are You)  (J8x32)  3C (4C set) Roy Goldring  3 Anniv dances

1-8     1s NHJ dance down, turn 3s on side NH to end in 2nd place (2s step up).  1s cross, passing RSh & turn 3s on sides (1M+3L RH, 1L+3M LH) 1s end in middle facing up
9-16    1s NHJ dance up, turn 2s NH & 1s end in 2nd place opp sides.  1s cross passing RSh & turn 2s on sides (1M+2M RH, 1L+2L LH)  1s end in middle between 2s at top facing down
17-24   1s dance down below 3s, cast up to 2nd place & petronella turn into centre to 1L between 2s & 1M between 3s. All set
25-32   All change places RH with opp person, set, change places again with opp person; 1L casts down round 2L as 1M casts up round 3M into 2nd place own side

BOB CAMPBELL  (S8x32)  3C (4C set)                         John Drewry  Canadian Bk

1-8     1s+2s+3s set, turn 2H to end 1s facing down & 2s+3s facing up in centre, 1s+2s set advancing passing LSh to change places while 3s set, 2s turn 2H while 1s+3s set advancing to change places
9-16    2s+3s set advancing to change places while 1s turn 2H, 3s turn 2H while 2s+1s set advancing to change places & repeat to 1 2 3
17-24   1s+2s dance the Rondel ending with 1s crossing to opposite sides
25-32   1L+3M turn LH while 1M+3L turn RH, 2M+1L 1/2 turn RH while 2L+1M 1/2 turn LH, 1s cross down to 2nd place as 2s dance out & up to 1st place

SMILING LILA  (R8x32) 3C (4C set)                                              Don Bartlett, 2017

1-4     1s & 2s cross RH with partner & set
5-6     1s+2s dance Modified Set+Link on sides (as normal Set+Link but ending 2s in 1st place facing down, 1s in 2nd place facing up on opp sides NHJ)
7-12    2s+1s Set+Link across facing up/down to finish NHJ on the sides, facing partners. 2s+1s set to partners
13-16   1s NHJ dance up between 2s & cast to 2nd place
17-24   1s lead down the middle & back, finishing in 2nd place facing up
25-32   Modified reel of 3 on sides:
1s dance out/up, 2s in/down, 3s in up to start.
Bar 3-4:  On reaching 1st place, 1s cross down RH to continue reel on opp side
Bar 7-8:  1s cross up RH to end in 2nd place own side.  2 1 3

BRIDGE OVER THE ATLANTIC  (S3x32)  3C  set Derek Haynes & John Gradon  Carnforth Coll 3

1-8     1s+2s+3s dance reflection reels of 3 on sides (1s in & down to start), 1s+2s continue reel to change places & 1s turn to face up on outside
9-16    All dance 3H across on sides (Ladies LH & Men RH), on bar 10 1s cross to join opposite wheel (Lady in front of Man), on bar 13 1s cross back to own side to continue wheels & rotate until 1s are at the top
17-24   1s followed by 3s+2s dance down the middle & back with 3s & 2s dividing to dance up behind 1s in order 1 3 2
25-32   All dance Allemande to end 2 3 1

PROMISE OF SPRING  (R8x32)  3C (4C set)        Ruth Taylor  Martello Tower Bk 7

1-8      1s lead down (2s step up 3-4), 1L turns under 1M’s right arm, 1s lead up to 2nd place finishing BtoB facing opp sides
9-16    Set as in Double Triangles, all advance (PdB) to invert triangle, set, invert triangle to end 2s+3s on own sides turning Right about to face in while 1s finish BtoB facing out
17-24   1s turn 1st corners RH, pass RSh, turn 2nd corner RH, pass RSh to end in 2nd place own sides
25-32   2s+1s+3s circle 6H round to left (6 steps), bar 28 pass R foot over L, pivot and chase anticlockwise to own sides


THE ROYAL DEESIDE RAILWAY  (R8x32)  3C (4C set) R Arrowsmith  RSCDS Bk 40

 1-8     1s cross down (no hands) below 3s, cast up 1 place opposite sides & dance in to face 2L, 1s+2L dance RH across
9-16    1s+2M dance LH across & end 1L (with partner behind her) in centre facing up, 1s dance up & cast 1 place on own sides & face 3M
17-24   1s+3M dance RH across, 1s+3L dance LH across & end 1L (with partner behind her) in centre facing down
25-32   1s dance down below 3s & cast up on own sides to 2nd place, 2s+1s+3s turn RH

THE SCALLYWAG  (J8x40)  3C (4C set)                     Jennifer Kelly  RSCDS Bk 52

1-8     1s dance in & cast (2s step up); 1s turn 1.1/4 LH to face 1st corners
9-16    1s set to corners, turn corner RH to end 1L between 2s facing 2L & 1M between 3s facing 3M.  1/2 LSh reels of 3 across ending in lines of 3 across facing down/up
17-24   All Adv+Ret; 1s dance RSh round each other to face 3rd corner pstns
25-32   Repeat 9-16 ending with 2s+3s facing in & 1s facing each other up/down
33-40   1s set advancing joining RH, set with Lady turning under Man’s arm. 1s face up RH joined, lead up, cross & cast.  2 1 3

AULD FRIENDS MEET  (S8x32)  3C (4C set)                                     Roy Goldring

 1-8     1s set, cast 1 place, set advancing to 1st corners & turn 2H
9-16    1s+1st corners circle 4H round to left, 1s set advancing to 2nd corners & turn 2H
17-24   1s+2nd corners circle 4H round to left, 1s set advancing towards each other & turn 2H to face up (on opposite sides)
25-32   2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides (1s dancing in & up to start), 1s cross RH to 2nd place own sides

THE MACHINE WITHOUT HORSES  (J8x32)  3C (4C set) Rutherford  RSCDS Bk 12

1-8     1s set, cast & dance RH across with 3s
9-16    1s set, cast up & dance LH across with 2s
17-24   1s followed by 2s dance down, cast up behind 3s, in & dance up to top & 1s cast back to 2nd place
25-32   2s+1s dance R&L

THE SPRING FLING REEL  (R8x40)  3C (4C set) Samantha Burton  RSCDS Bk 50

1-8     1s turn RH, cast (2s step up bars 3-4), cross RH, cast to Right to 1L between 2s facing down, 1M between 3s facing up
9-16    1L+2s & 1M+3s Adv+Ret, circle 6H 1/2 round to Left
17-24   1M+3s & 1L+2s Adv+Ret, 1s turn RH 1.1/4 times to face 1st corners
25-32   1s dance 1/2 diag reel of 4 with 1st corners, pass RSh, 1/2 diag reel of 4 with 2nd corners. 1s end in middle 1M below 1L facing own sides
33-40   1L+2s & 1M+3s dance LH across. 1s end 2nd place opposite sides.  2s+3s turn LH while 1s turn RH 1.1/2 times to own side.  2 1 3